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    Chapter 01 // Vulnerability

    This photoshoot is a bit different than what I’ve done in the past. I wanted to explain conceptually what I felt.

    It's personal because it pertains to being unguarded and emotionally vulnerable with someone that couldn’t nurture it; it’s about feeling lost and frustrated. It's about what it looked like as my perceptions were challenged and changed; what it felt like to live in constant doubt and uncertainty–a look behind my closed doors. It's true, everyone goes through heartbreak. Everyone knows the saying, "That's life, it happens to everyone" but though factual, it does not comfort, and it's not genuine. When vulnerability comes into the atmosphere, tender validation is detrimental to healing.

    I want to open up and validate the tough emotions. To stand up and talk about feeling embarrassed, about making mistakes, and about falling short; to discuss what it feels like to be rejected and desperate; to highlight the emotions that we all hate to admit we feel. I want to share with you, that yeah, I hide it well. I bet you do too, but I see you and I get it. Letting yourself be seen for the process of healing is okay. It's okay to talk about what makes you hurt and what you feel, even if it's uncertainty.

    I'm in a place now where this story no longer defines who I am or my state of mind. I wanted to share with you who I was and let you see that heartbreak may, in fact, break you but it does not end you... it just gives you a new beginning.
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